Chapter I. General provisions.

The provisions of this Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "Regulation") establish the general rules that must be respected by all visitors and in particular by the drivers of vehicles using/transiting the parking lot, as well as the traffic/pedestrian areas (hereinafter referred to as "Parking").

Visitors who transit the Parking (partners, customers of the commercial complex, vehicle drivers and/or pedestrians), regardless of the mode of transit, will be called "User".

For the purposes of this Regulation, parking spaces are specially designed spaces, properly delimited.

In case of non-compliance with this Regulation, PIATA OBOR representatives have the right to proceed with the warning, notification, photographic documentation of the violation of this Regulation and or blocking the wheels of the vehicles, the User expressly giving his consent in this regard, consent expressed by accessing and use of the Parking; PIATA OBOR is not responsible for damages caused by the locking of vehicle wheels.

The finding of violation of the provisions of this Regulation will be recorded in a centralizer, with the identification of the registration number/type of vehicle, the date and time, being proven on the basis of photographic documentation.

Chapter II. Operating program. Tariff. Payment systems. Additional fees.

The parking lot can only be used by Users, exclusively during the period of operation of the commercial complex, within the limit of the number of available places; The maximum traffic speed in the Parking lot is 5 km/hour.

The rate for parking is 5 lei/hour (VAT included) and cannot be divided; The first 15 minutes are free; After paying the fee, the parking right is cancelled, exiting the parking lot within 15 minutes, otherwise the fee for another hour of parking will be due; Payment can be made at the corresponding payment machine.

In accordance with the provisions in force, applicable to private parking lots, persons with a disability certificate benefit from free parking for one hour from the entrance.

Additional fees will be charged:

  • The loss of the parking ticket is charged with 50 lei (VAT included) and is paid directly at the payment machine.
  • Entrance to the parking lot on the exit flow, without a ticket, is charged 50 lei (VAT included) and is paid directly at the payment machine.

Without paying the related tariff/fees included in these Regulations, the User will not be able to leave the Parking area.

Chapter III. Obligations of Users (drivers of vehicles accessing the parking lot)

Inside the Parking lot, the meanings of the displayed signs and information, as well as the indications of the employees, will be respected. Depending on the degree of occupancy of the parking spaces or in exceptional cases (decided by PIATA OBOR), access to the parking area may be temporarily restricted.

In the Parking lot, it is forbidden to park or stop on the access roads, on the pedestrian areas and on the sidewalks, at the fire and emergency entrances, at the access doors and near the access roads.

It is forbidden to access/use the Parking lot outside of the operating schedule displayed to the public.

By accessing the Parking, Users accept the following:

  1. a) Not to use the Parking for dangerous, illegal, immoral activities, for the practice of begging, for marketing/trade activities;
  2. b) Not to leave minors or animals unattended in vehicles or in the Parking lot;

Users have the obligation to secure their belongings left inside the vehicles, by closing/locking the doors, hoods and trunk, windows, sunroof, fuel cap, etc.

Users will comply with the rules of P.S.I. specific, according to the legislation in force, being directly responsible for any damages caused.

Chapter IV. Prohibitions.

It is prohibited:

Ø entrance to the parking lot of vehicles equipped with LPG installation

Ø leaving the vehicle engine on while stationary (heating/cooling mode);

Ø leaving minors unattended in the parking lot or in parked vehicles;

Ø leaving unattended animals, flammable substances or dangerous objects inside/outside the car;

Ø the entry of vehicles into the parking lot for conducting driving courses, associated with driving schools;

Ø entry into the parking lot of oversized motorized vehicles (such as, but not limited to: tractors, trucks or other heavy tonnage vehicles), of vehicles with trailers or exceeding a length of 5.5 m;

Ø entering the parking lot of vehicles with visible defects or with leaks;

Ø parking in places intended for vehicles belonging to disabled people and which are marked