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Parking payment machines

To facilitate the parking payment process, we have installed 3 ultra modern parking payment machines!

These devices can be found as follows:

- inside the Piața Obor Shopping Complex (in the elevator area): 2 payment machines,

- on the outer platform, in the above-ground parking lot: 1 payment machine;

Here you can pay for both underground and surface parking.

Simple and easy parking in Piata Obor! You bought fresh products, paid for parking and quickly left! No queues at the barrier because of those who can't find their parking ticket or don't have change.

Details in brief:
The parking lot can only be used by clients, exclusively during the period of operation of the commercial complex, within the limit of the number of available spaces.

The rate for parking is 5 lei/hour (VAT included) and cannot be split.

The first 15 minutes are free.

After paying the parking fee, you have 15 minutes to exit.

People with a disability certificate benefit from free parking for one hour.

The loss of the parking ticket is charged with 50 lei (VAT included) and is paid directly at the payment machine.

Entrance to the parking lot on the exit flow, without a ticket, costs 50 lei (VAT included) and is paid directly at the payment machine.

For more details, you can consult the official parking regulations, available at: