Romania's biggest marketplace

Traditional made modern

Romania's biggest marketplace

A landmark for the capital of Romania, Piata Obor is by far the largest and most famous Romanian marketplace.

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Located in a key area of Bucharest, with a long and interesting story, the new platform expands by 40% the former commercial space.

Piata Obor has modern refrigerated storage spaces and special elevators and hallways for merchants - all in accordance with official regulations.

The modern facilities and conditions offered by our market make a hygienic and pleasant environment in which our customers can do their shopping safely.

Located in a busy area, the Piata Obor Shopping Center has a large flow of customers and tourists every day.

Great culinary bloggers and vloggers, such as Mark Wiens and famous publications (such as New York Times), have visited and written about their experience in Piata Obor Bucharest.

first historical mention
becomes the largest marketplace

Piata Obor Bucuresti – a landmark for merchants

The Obor area is located in the central-eastern part of Bucharest, only 1.5 km from the city center, where two important roads meet: Ștefan cel Mare and Calea Moșilor.
The area owned by Obor Square spawns over more than 25,000 square meters, between the residential blocks of Bucur Obor (west), Ziduri Moși street (north) and Chiristigiilor street (south).
The building built in 2010 is positioned on the site of the former "Obor" Market and the surrounding pedestrian area.
Piata Obor has the largest number of farmers - hence our slogan: "Direct from the manufacturer! (RO=Direct de la producător)". In addition to the traditional manufacturers, the shopping center hosts over 40 traditional merchants, with their own unique store.


On the 1st and 2nd floors you can enjoy a modern, comfortable and convenient style of shopping. Lifts for our customers (separated from those made for merchants), escalators and air conditioning are just a few of the modern facilities that Piata Obor has to offer.  

A successful investment for Bucharest

Piata Obor Market & Complex Comercial S.A.

In 2005, the Bucharest City Hall of Sector 2, due to the acute need to modernise the commercial infrastructure in the Obor area, decided to select a private investor for a project that would bring a new style of commerce: modern, dynamic and adapted to current requirements.
After the auction, the consortium formed by “BANEASA INVESTMENTS” S.A., “COMNORD” S.A., “PROCEMA” S.A. and “PRACTIC” S.A. signed on January 15, 2007 a Partnership Contract with the Bucharest City Hall of Sector 2.
Thus, in 2006, the company “Piata Obor Market & Complex Comercial” S.A. was established. With a share capital of 10 million EUROS.
After that, the constructions begin. The implementation of the infrastructure meant to ensure a modern framework, both from a commercial point of view and from the point of view of public safety and health, while respecting the local tradition.

The new project was designed to be carried out in two stages:

Stage 1 = the traditional market on a modern infrastructure, developed on an area of 15,600 sqm and composed of a commercial building with 4 levels (Ug + Gf + 2F), with a total built area of 21,500 sqm and an outdoor commercial platform, developed on an area of 11,670 sqm.

Stage 2 = expanding the traditional market through a modern retail center.
The new Piata Obor market was opened on October 2, 2010, on the first day of the "Harvest Month".

Starting with April 2011, the 1st floor opens its door to its customers, and in August 2011 the underground parking lot is inaugurated.